The Palmdoc Chronicles

Friday, October 31, 2003

Peds Calc v1.0

FreewarePalm: Peds Calc v1.0
is yet another medical freebie you can try.

Peds Calc simplifies the calculation of pediatric medication doses, providing volumes of up to three solutions for each medication.


For first time parents especially, FreewarePalm: BabyCheck v2.0 has just been updated. This might be just the software for you to keep track of your baby's progress. Freeware.

Update Description:
Added: Possibility to export in a CSV form the data (measurements, first words and first actions) from BabyCheck to the Memo. The character ';' is used ad delimiter because '.' and ',' can be used as decimal separator. After Hotsync you are then able to import the data in any spreadsheet or database on your desktop
Added: If the firstname is too long to fit the main screen list size it will be shorten for the display and '...' will be added at the end
Added: More place to enter the firstname in the Birth Information screen
Added: When creating a new Baby record, the default text 'New' is selected allowing you to overwrite it directly
Added: Help text in the symbolic screen

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

SIF always in shape v1

FreewarePalm: SIF sempre in forma v1.0 รจ disponibile per il trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti da FreewarePalm

Una guida completa per iniziare o continuare a curare la propria forma fisica.
Grazie alla collaborazione di professionisti quali Stefano Rizzi, CN III Dan e la Palestra Gymnasium Club di Castel San Giovanni (PC), sono stati creati e inseriti dei contenuti semplici e pratici basati, (in questa prima versione) sulla "corsa" e sullo "stretching".

(Se avete bisogno dell'aiuto con la traduzione, usi i pesci di Altavista Babele)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Skyscape releases Artbeat - free dynamic content for your Palm

Artbeat has been released by Skyscape.

"ARTbeat Brings Dynamic Content to PDAs

ARTbeat supports this critical need for information by enabling the practitioner to dynamically access the latest medical news such as drug and disease alerts, as well as frequently updated information such as drug weeklies and journal subscriptions via the handheld. ARTbeat supports multiple channels of information with each source of content existing in its own channel. All channels are organized hierarchically in ARTbeat allowing for easy selection, navigation and review of current information. Channels can contain many types of content including content from publishers, custom content, Web, journals, peer-reviewed content and newsletters. "

"To begin realizing the benefits of ARTbeat, medical professionals can go to to download ARTbeat for Free and to subscribe to other high value ARTbeat information channels. Information from ARTbeat is dynamically integrated via smARTlinkTM with other Skyscape-powered information and is updated whenever users synchronize their PDAs, providing medical professionals with the most current information in context at the point-of-care. For example, if there is a news flash on a specific cancer treatment, a user doesn’t have to review all alerts to find it – a link to it will automatically appear when the user is reviewing cancer information and then smARTlinks. By using smARTlink in conjunction with ARTbeat, the user immediately gets right to the information needed which is a tremendous time saving advantage. "

The initial ARTbeat channels are:

· MedWatch—Free—The Food & Drug Administration's Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program provides important and timely clinical information about safety issues involving medical products including prescription & over-the-counter drugs, biologics, medical & radiation-emitting devices and special nutritional products & dietary supplements.

· Drug News Weekly—A weekly that features brief articles on the latest in critical drug information and news including new drug approvals, indications and dose forms, Rx to OTC switches, newly reported interactions and adverse reactions, plus news scans from national media reports.

· DrugLink®—A monthly newsletter that provides abstracts of drug-related articles from various journals. DrugLink® allows health care professionals to stay up-to-date on hot topics without having to subscribe to multiple publications.

· CDC Spotlights –Free– A weekly update from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Website to provide medical professionals with the latest information on SARS, Monkeypox and other potentially rapidly-spreading diseases, including bio-terrorism agents.

· Connections –Free— A Skyscape channel that provides customers with Tips & Tricks, Store Specials, New Releases, Your Voice, Top Solutions and In The News sections.

Read the full Press Release

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Coma Predictor

New at FreewarePalm: Coma Predictor v1.0 - by Michael Ward.

This is a program to help (mainly Neurologists) with Prognosis for outcome from Hypoxic Ischemic coma.
This is based upon the Levy paper from JAMA in 1985.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Medcalc 4.4 update

MedCalc v4.4 has been updated. It now supports dynamic input area and landscape support on compatible devices - i.e. T|T3!! Hurray!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Human Nutrient Requirement Calculator

FreewarePalm: Human Nutrient Requirement Calculator v1.0:

Utility to assist in the process calculating the nutrient requirements of your body based upon age and sex.
A very useful tool for teaching nutritional concepts and for those interested in their diets impact on their body.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Diabetes in Primary Care

Diabetes in Primary Care 2003 v 2.0 by Steven Lawenda MD is now available for download from Memoware.

The blurb:
"Diabetes in Primary Care 2003 is a practical, logically organized reference that puts the latest in diabetes recommendations and therapy right in the palm of your hand. Diabetes in Primary Care 2003 is an essential tool for primary care providers. It provides quick and easy access to the latest diabetes recommendations (2003) in a most logical format, integrated with the latest in therapy. Topics include: prevention, screening, diagnosis, therapy including the latest in oral agents and insulin, complications of diabetes, inpatient management, preconception care, gestational diabetes, and resources for providers and patients. The content is extensive, relevant, and up-to-date. Best of all, this program was designed to be easy to navigate and use, with minimal scrolling or searching required to find what you're looking for. All sections are extensively cross-linked and bookmarked, providing an unsurpassed logical 'web' of essential information. The latest version (2.0) added the new sections on inpatient management and gestational diabetes. The new version has also been re-organized to be even more logical and intuitive to use. Compatible with Palm OS, Windows CE and Pocket PC. Requires iSilo version 3.0 or greater. "

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Another example of Palms in Medicine

Wireless reality is another example of technology put to good use at the Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital.

'Dr. William Biggs, an endocrinologist, said that when he arrives at the hospital, he synchronizes his PDA through an infrared port. It takes from three to five minutes, depending on the number of patients.

"The lab reports are in there, the X-ray reports are in there, and then if my staff needs to get some of the demographic data for our files, then they can just look in my Palm when I get back in my office," he said.

His Handspring Trio is an integrated phone and Palm-compatible device on which he also keeps the Physicians Desk Reference. He can consult the latest information on dosages, side effects and drug interactions. If another specialist prescribed a drug he doesn't know well, information is right there, he said.

"It's faster than opening the PDR book," he said.'

Monday, October 20, 2003


The folk at Xenware may not know how to spell very well but they can sure program and have come up with Muxles.

The blurb:
"Muxles is an interactive muscle map and reference that will help you learn all the major muscles in the body, as well as their functions. Muxles is meant to help you become an expert in which muscle does what, what types of exercises can work it, and other tips, such as typical required recovery periods, and more. On color-capable Palm-Powered™ devices, Muxles runs in dazzling color."

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Preventing Migraine Headaches

Free guidebook by Dr John Allocca titled Preventing Migraine Headaches, Depression, Insomnia, and Bipolar Syndrome 2003


Thursday, October 16, 2003

Skyscape references for EMS/PAramedics

Skyscape has expanded their references for emergency medical personnel.
Top references include:
- Communicable Diseases and Infection Control for EMS
- Pocket Reference for EMTs and Paramedics
- Pocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder
- Terrorism Response: Field Guide for Fire & EMS Organizations
- Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

Visit Skyscape for more....

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Congenital Heart Defects

Another freebie for medical students and any student of cardiology. Congenital Heart Defects is a free iSilo document by Michael Chesney available for download from Memoware.
It is a collection of 15 common congenital heart defects from Aortic Stenosis to VSDs. This is a fully illustrated document and the layout is very neat and explanation clear .The file is large though, I guess because of all the pictures, and hence would be better off residing in your expansion memory card.
Lippincottt's Nursing Drug Guide

Unbound Medicine has just released 2004 Lippincott's Nursing Drug Guide.

The blurb:
2004 Lippincott's Nursing Drug Guide powered by Unbound Medicine includes more than 900 monographs covering 3,800 generic and trade name medications. It provides nurses and students instant access to all the drug information needed in day-to-day nursing practice.
Entries cover generic and trade names; pronunciations; pregnancy risk category; controlled substance schedule (where applicable); drug class; therapeutic actions; indications, including off-label indications; contraindications and cautions; available forms; adult, pediatric, and geriatric dosages; pharmacokinetics; IV facts (where applicable); adverse effects; interactions; assessment; interventions; and teaching points. Also included are monographs covering drug classes and information on combination products, commonly used biologicals, and less commonly used drugs.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Unbound Medicine Releases Comprehensive Suite of Pediatric References for PDAs

Unbound Medicine today announced that it has introduced six new PDA references on its mobile knowledge management platform, CogniQ™. The CogniQ Pediatrics Series includes leading pediatrics publications from PocketMedicine combined with Unbound Medicine's unique literature management service, Unbound MEDLINE.

Friday, October 10, 2003

STAT A-Fib Stroke Risk

Satcoder does it again with this freebie STAT A-Fib Stroke Risk v0.02 which you can download from Freewarepalm.

Description:Announcing beta testing of a new freeware Palm OS application, STAT A-Fib Stroke Risk implementing a risk score for predicting stroke or death in individuals with new-onset atrial fibrillation in the community.
This is based on an article in the August JAMA published by The Framingham Heart Study.

From the JAMA editorial on this article: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common clinical problem affecting an estimated 2.3 million adults in the US.

Nearly 4% of persons aged 60 or older have AF. Prevention of ischemic stroke presents a major challenge as determining which patients with AF should receive oral anticoagulation is always a critical question.

Often, patients with clear indications for anticoagulation do not receive it.

Considering that accurate risk stratification is essential to identify patients who have the best chance of benefit from oral anticoagulant therapy, clinicians should find the Framingham risk scoring system a useful aid for clinical decisionmaking.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It's even better in Landscape mode

One of the strong points of the Tungsten T3 is the ability to view pages in Landscape mode. This is very useful for spreadsheets and documents. In Are you Up-To-Date with Repligo?, I enthused about how useful Repligo was in taking with you your Acrobat documents, web pages etc. While the documents were very well reproduced in a tiny footprint, it was a bit of a pain having to "side-scroll" alot while reading the documents. It's much easier now in landscape mode:

The default installation of Repligo does not support landscape mode in the T|T3. However Cerience has provided some nifty utilities which allow you to view Repligo in landscape mode. It seems to work for iSilo too.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

My New Tungsten T3

Have been busy reinstalling my apps into my new TT3. Really appreciate the oodles of Ram. Really necessary since some of the medical applications like ePocrates can't run off the SD card.
My initial impressions

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Mood Stats

Need to keep track of your mood? Would you believe it someone has come up with a utility to do so. Spotted in FreewarePalm: Mood Stats v1.0

Use this program to keep track of your daily mood.
View your mood data on both daily and monthly charts.
This program is a useful tool for people suffering from depression and other mood disorders.
Supports both monochrome and color devices.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Computers ease home-health care workload

PDAs are getting more and more indispensable. If you haven't got one yet, when are you getting it?

"In medicine, if it isn't written down, it doesn't exist. Now technology, not as gee-whiz as the multimillion dollar X-ray machines, is changing patient charting.

For Julie Gwyn, a veteran home health-care nurse, a hand-held computer is as much a part of her supplies as a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

The little computer's memory stores her appointments and - most important - vital information about each patient: medical history, drugs, doctors' orders, allergies and specific protocols, or rules, for each patient's diagnosis and treatment. The data are no further away than the end of her stylus"


Spotted in FreewarePalm: Medical Abbreviations Dictionary v1.27

This FREE DICTIONARY for BDicty reader program contains:
- A Medical Abbreviations lexicon contains ­ 440 entries in 7 KB.
- A FREE Public version of BDicty (reader program for the dictionary) ­ 38 KB.