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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New USBMIS releases in Palmgear

Clinical Anesthesiology 1.1
Application Description
Clinical Anesthesiology is a succinct overview of the basic concepts and clinical considerations essential to the modern practice of anesthesia. The ideal reference for any anesthesiologist or trainee in this area of specialty, Clinical Anesthesiology is now available in handheld form for your Palm or Pocket PC device

Thompson's Rheumatology 1.1
Application Description
Once you try it you'll wonder how you ever practiced medicine without it! The new and expanded Thompson's Rheumatology 2006 PDA edition is now available for your Palm or Pocket PC device. With all of the same trusted information as the 2005 edition, the new version brings rheumatologists, internists, and primary care physicians 5 new chapters which makes it the most convenient and comprehensive rheumatology reference available today.
The constantly evolving knowledge of rheumatic diseases and the expanding therapeutic armamentarium used for their treatment makes it challenging for rheumatologists to keep up to date. Thompson's Rheumatology Pocket Reference was developed to provide physicians with a standard reference of diseases and medications used to treat the rheumatic diseases.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Schwartz Principles of Surgery 1.1

Schwartz Principles of Surgery 1.1 has been released in Palmgear.
Application Description
With its extensive content and custom-designed user interface, Schwartz Principles of Surgery, PDA Edition enables you quick access to the answers you need to make the right diagnosis or initiate a treatment. Interlinked content, a notes feature, and custom bookmarks make this more than a reference application. Schwartz Principles of Surgery has developed into the ultimate PDA tool for anyone enrolled in a surgical clerkship or surgical residency.
Schwartz's textbook of surgery is one of the world's most well known references in general surgery. This reference is considered a must for anyone studying or training in the field of surgery.

ICD Browser v0.2

ICD Browser v0.2 is a free application for PPC users.
This program is an easy to use browser with search capability for the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, as they are published from the W.H.O.
- Two ways for displaying codes, Grouped all together into a treebox, or separeted into chapters, sections and subsections.
- Search codes.
- Easy to use interface.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility 1.1

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility 1.1 has been released in Palmgear

Application Description

Obstetrics Gynecology & Infertility has been a trusted reference for 10 years and is now more complete than ever. For the first time, this valuable reference now contains information on the subspecialties of maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology, and gyn-oncology, as well as a broad base of general medicine information which reflects the changing emphasis of Ob/Gyn as it expands to include primary care for women.

Obstetrics Gynecology & Infertility PDA Edition is a necessity for clinicians, Ob/Gyn residents, medical students, and other medical professionals. The reference contains an abundance of information and is now available from the convenience of your Palm or Pocket PC device. Take a look at these features:

* Utilize over 200 tables, flowcharts and figures
* Quickly search comprehensive index
* Conveniently jot down notes within program content
* Easily access frequently viewed information using bookmarks
* Examine several operative reports for support information
* Reference new “Spanish Primer” chapter
* Utilize full list of lab values

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review for your PDA

Author, Sara J. Cuccurullo, and developer, USBMIS, team up to bring the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review to your PDA device. Now available for the Palm and Pocket PC platforms, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review is a necessary tool for rehabilitation specialists doing clinical work and physical medicine & rehabilitation students studying for clinical rounds and for licensure examinations.

Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review features all of the same trusted content of the text version as well as additional features useful to your PDA device:

  • Thorough coverage of virtually every disorder, modality, technique, and tool for the rehabilitation specialist all with an extremely user-friendly navigation system.
  • Additional coverage of stroke and musculoskeletal disorders and their physical rehabilitation and training, mobility issues, back-to-work issues, as well as vision and hearing concerns.
  • Extensive Pediatric and Geriatric sections

Exclusive PDA Features

  • Easy hyperlinks to move through the content quickly
  • Separate navigation buttons allow you to jump from Pearl to Pearl anywhere in the application
  • Searchable version of the complete index only one tap away at all times
  • Dynamic hierarchy for rapid navigation of the contents
  • Jump-To feature allows even faster navigation

New releases in Palmgear

Skyscape has released a few new Titles in Palmgear:
Mobile eMC: UK electronic Medicines Compendium 8.0.1
The UK electronic Medicines Compendium is the most authoritative, up-to-date and trustworthy source of information about medicines licensed for use in the UK - providing Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) on over 3,000 UK prescription-only and OTC licensed medicines.
Dx/Rx: Lung Cancer 9.0.4
Tightly organized into a super-condensed outline format, this reference details precise, up-to-date information for diagnosis and treatment of Lung Cancer. Throughout the reference, tables and figures summarize important clinical data and current professional society recommendations, while salient references direct readers to additional information.
The Little Black Book of Sports Medicine, 2nd Ed. 9.0.4
Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of this reference provides comprehensive, concise, evidence-based information on diagnosing and treating sports medicine injuries and illness. The Little Black Book of Sports Medicine is a convenient resource offering quick access to vital information and makes a great reference for solving pressing problems on the ward, in the clinic, or on the playing field.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

MyPDACensus v2.0

picMyPDACensus v2.0 has been released in Freeware Palm. It looks like a Patient tracking software. No description available.

Friday, May 19, 2006

SuperMemo Medical Database

picSpotted in - SuperMemo Medical Database v0.3, a set of SuperMemo databases created by a Medical Student, for undergraduate medical training in Hong Kong.

This database requires Supermemo

New site for free Palm software


via MobileRead: There's a new repository of free Palm software called Freeware Palm. There's a Medical section currently with 293 titles. Worth checking out. Nice design.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Physicians’ Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual 2006 ( OncoMD06™ ) 9.0.4

Updated in Palmgear

Completely revised and updated for 2006, this practical reference is an up-to-date guide to all aspects of cancer chemotherapy. The reference provides a comprehensive, easy to use catalogue of over 100 drugs-both on- and off-label-commonly used in cancer treatment, including several new agents (recently or about to be FDA approved). A section on Common Chemotherapy Regimens provides a quick reference to management of specific cancers, arranged alphabetically. A comprehensively revised introductory section on Principles of Chemotherapy offers a concise, current overview of the field.

Key Features
  • Special section profiling anti-emetic drugs
  • Diagrams of drug structures and pathways
  • Complete discussion of clinical pharmacology, indications, and dosages
  • Coverage of toxicity and interactions
  • Separate sections on chemotherapy regimens for specific cancers
  • Overview of basic principles of cancer drug therapy
  • Built-in Medical Calculators provide instant access from within topics to relevant medical calculators include:
    • Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
    • BSA

Monday, May 15, 2006


Archimedes is another free medical calculator by Skyscape.
It's made it's way into freewarepalm

A must have for every medical professional! An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available.

Archimedes™ - Free Medical Calculator
Archimedes is a must have for every medical professional! An innovative specialty calculator, Archimedes is unlike any other program currently available. Forget having to remember complicated formulas, just enter the values and out come the results. An indispensible, at-your-fingertips resource!

With formulas ranging from Aa Gradient to Weights, our proprietary calculator provides you with 70 preprogrammed formulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology, Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal.

Intuitive, easy-to-access formulas
Archimedes is specifically designed to offer three methods of accessing formulas -- alphabetical listing, category listing, and historical listing -- enabling you to access formulas in a way that's engaging to you.

Detailed information at your fingertips
From a built-in calculator assisting with value field input, to control of decimal point placement in formula results, Archimedes allows you to determine the input and output details for every formula. Also included is a help button giving you access to complete formula information.

Occupying less than 660 KB, Archimedes leaves plenty of room for your favorite applications.

Key Features:
- Runs on all Palm OS and Windows CE/Pocket PC devices
- More than 70 most commonly used formulas in medical specialties
- Easy access to formulas
- Powerful built-in calculator for preprocessing inputs
- Detailed help for each formula
- Remembers values you last entered
- Automatic evaluation of the formula, once all input fields are filled in
- Quick access to other ART™ss applications

It's Official - The Treo 700p is here

It's all over the usual Palm sites, the top story being that the Treo 700p is finally here though there have been rumours going on about this for months now.
The Official Specs sound quite impressive.
For the medical user, the much improved Ram (128 MB - 60 MB available to the user) is welcome news indeed. I eagerly await this since I have had to shelve the memory hog, Epocrates, and also forgo Avantgo on my Treo650 simply because I don't have enough Ram.
Right now, there's only the CDMA version for North America. I hope Palm will release the GSM version for the rest of us (the majority in fact) round the world. I can't wait!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thompson's Rheumatology PDA edition 2006

USBMIS announces the new and expanded Thompson’s Rheumatology 2006 PDA edition is now available for your Palm or Pocket PC device. With all of the same trusted information as the 2005 edition, the new version brings rheumatologists, internists, and primary care physicians 5 new chapters which makes it the most complete, convenient, and comprehensive rheumatology reference available today.

New Chapters

• Pauciarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis • Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
• Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis • Sarcoidosis • Cutaneous Vasculitis

The Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Chapters are new for 2006 as part of our commitment to creating the most comprehensive rheumatologic reference. These chapters highlight valuable information about juvenile idiopathic arthritis in its three common presentations as well as provide management strategies for such cases.
The Sarcoidosis Chapter adds a discussion of this infiltative granulomatous disease as well as a number of rheumatic manifestations. These rheumatic manifestations are highlighted for quick and clear retrieval of the information. Additional investigative and treatment strategies are also discussed.
The new Cutaneous Vasculitis Chapter details the presentation of this inflammatory disease and provides trusted differential diagnosis, investigative strategy, and management information.

Palmdoc joins Palmaddicts

Yesterday, I decided to join Sammy & Crew over at PalmAddicts and give them a hand as an Associate Writer. The PalmAddicts crew has been serving the Palm community well for quite some years now and it's high time I helped out as well especially as yes, I confess, I am a PalmAddict too! I intend to post non-medical (or medical Palm computing topics more geared towards the general public rather than doctors) topics there.
I'll keep track of my postings in PA in this page:

This site will continue to serve as a place to post news on Palm/PDA Medical topics for doctors and health-care workers and like Sammy I invite anyone out there interested to be a Co-Editor on the Palmdoc Chronicles. Just send me an email and I'll send you the details and blogging invitation.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dictaphone Webinar for Clinics

Dictaphone invites all doctors to a special Clinic and Physician Group focused Web Forum and get the latest information on how Dictaphone is dramatically reducing the time and the costs associated with the production of patient information through advanced Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing technologies.

You get to gain an exciting insider’s look at how these technologies are being deployed in a physician-friendly way that overcomes many of the barriers to adoption of traditional EMR software, while allowing physicians to still benefit from the ease and detail of narrative dictation.

When: Two dates to choose from:
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 -- 1:00-2:30 PM (ET)
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 -- 1:00-2:30 PM (ET)

Where: Right at your desk via the Web & your phone.

Click Here to Register Now FREE, with no obligation

I notice Dictaphone also have a mobile/PDA dictating solution but PPC only. They should realise that Palm PDAs like the Treo650, Lifedrive have microphones!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

UpToDate for Palm coming soon?

KidneyNotes reports that UpToDate for Palm is being beta tested and may be released in 3-4 months. Well that would be welcome news as the prices of SD cards plummet and fat32 drivers for PalmOS become available in the newer PalmOS handhelds and smartphones.
From the UpToDate website:
Will UpToDate run on my Palm device?
Not yet, but we are developing a version of UpToDate that can be installed and used on Palm handhelds (will require a 1GB or 2GB memory card) and expect this version to be available sometime in 2006.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ident-A-Drug Reference 2006

Skyscape and Therapeutic Research Center announce the release of Ident-A-Drug Reference 2006 for your mobile device.

Ident-A-Drug gives you quick accurate identification of oral tablets and capsules used in North America by the identification code imprinted on all medications, and includes NDC numbers, manufacturers, use, doses, etc.

  • Identifies drug products by the codes imprinted on them as well as the color and shape of the product.
  • Gives the national drug code (NDC #) as well as the drug class.
  • Law enforcement officers have found this Database extremely useful as they encounter legal and illegal medications.
  • This compilation of drug identification codes is the most complete drug identification database in existence anywhere.

CDW-G Provides Tools to Help University Medical Schools

CDW-G Provides Tools to Help University Medical Schools Meet Patient Care Regulations and Improve Student Service

Indiana University School of Medicine and Ohio State University Select CDW-G to Deploy Personal Digital Assistant Programs for Medical Students

CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G), a wholly owned subsidiary of CDW Corporation (NASDAQ:CDWC) and leading source of Information Technology (IT) solutions to governments and educators, today announced that Indiana University School of Medicine and Ohio State University have established personal digital assistant (PDA) programs with CDW-G for students, faculty and staff. The technology enables the schools to comply with industry standards, improve efficiency and enhance their students' learning environment.

"University medical schools face a variety of challenges - from engaging their students and providing superior patient care, to complying with regulatory body mandates," said Chris Rother, group vice president, CDW-G. "The technology solutions that CDW-G provided enable some of the nation's finest healthcare teaching institutions to train the next generation of physicians in improved patient care."

read more from Biowire

New Style Tap version

Pocket PC owners can run great PalmOS medical apps like Medcalc, by using StyleTap. Version 0.9.126 has just been released which includes support for the Treo700w.
Of course the better way to run PalmOS apps is to use Palm OS PDAs or smartphones :P

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Neuroplasticity Stroke Recovery System

Spotted The Northstar Stroke Recovery System in MedGadget.
The theory is that "cortical stimulation of the healthy brain tissue adjacent to the “stroke,” in combination with rehabilitation, enhances motor recovery and suggests that cortical stimulation for stroke patients may facilitate neuroplasticity"
Don't know how true this is, but I was interested to read that the system uses a PDA (PocketPC)

-- Programming system - a handheld computer attached to a programming device which allows communication with the implanted IPG device. This system allows the clinician to turn the device on/off and to set/modify stimulation parameters


David Nagel joins Epocrates

Read from 1src that Former PalmSource CEO David Nagel Joins Epocrates Board. From the Epocrates news room:

“The enthusiasm of Epocrates’ customer base is contagious. At PalmSource, I saw the ‘Epocrates phenomenon’ firsthand – clinicians purchasing mobile devices primarily to use Epocrates’ products. I am honored to be affiliated with a company that develops such valuable and reliable clinical solutions for healthcare professionals,” said Nagel.

Well David, first thing you gotta do at Epocrates is to tell them to support that SD card!! My "enthusiasm for Epocrates" will jump up many times more if the good folk at Epocrates realise the problems we Treo650 users face with the paltry memory Palm has given us...

Doctor DB

Palmaddicts mentions The Medical Database (aka Doctor DB) - a great utility for patients to help recall their medical history on the next visit to the doctor's office.
It's a great free utility by a young programmer and you can download it from

The Medical Database (aka Doctor DB) v2.0
With this program, you are going to be able to keep an extensive medical database that will suit your needs:
- Your doctors' names and specialities.
- Your doctors' emergency phones.
- All the clinics and data about them.
- Your doctor appointments, with alarm to remember you.
- Your medicines, what dose and an alarm to remember you.
- Your surgeries.
- Your allergies.

All the information can be accessed from tables for easier lookup.
And the best of all is that it is FREE!

Something for me to keep in my Palm and Beam to patients with Palm PDAs!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anion Gap Calculator

Spotted Anion Gap Calculator for Palm v1.0 in
A bit hefty for just performing a single function - 370 Kb.
I notice that Medcalc also calculates Anion Gap and much more. I would recommend the latter.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

USBMIS Sale of the Week for May 1st - May 7th

Take advantage of the USBMIS Sale of the Week for May 1st - May 7th and save 15% on your purchase of McGraw-Hill's Clinical Anesthesiology for your Palm or Pocket PC device.

A succinct overview of the basic concepts and clinical considerations essential to the modern practice of anesthesia, Clinical Anesthesiology is the ideal reference for any anesthesiologist or trainee in this area of specialty.

Features include:

  • Updates to all chapters reflecting the latest advances in practice
  • Case discussions to promote application of the contents
  • Key Terms and Topics to provide a quick guide to subject matter usually contained on written exams
  • Tables and figures for easy comprehension of complex material
  • Key Concepts to help keep you focused on truly important themes that constitute the core understanding of anesthesiology
  • Comprehensive index for quick searching
  • Bookmarks to personalize your application for the information you access most frequently

USBMIS and McGraw-Hill have gone to great lengths to produce a well-informed, consistently organized, and user-friendly application for the convenience of your handheld device. For a limited time only, purchase your copy of Clinical Anesthesiology and save 15%.

Road Warrior

Charles Moreira in the MPC forums sought feedback from those of use who are truly "Road Warriors".
Well, I reproduce my recent reliance on my Treo650 as a notebook replacement and do I qualify as one? ;)

Hi Charles. At a recent medical conference I attended, I did not take my notebook along.
I was armed only with my Treo650 and thumbdrive.
The thumbdrive contained my original Powerpoint presentation with which I copied the PPT file to the Conference notebook (Actually I had another copy on my Treo's SD card and with Card Export II, my Treo650 was actually a backup "thumbdrive")
My Treo650 with Documents2Go Pro7, was a great help as I could view the PPT presentation on my Treo complete with editable Slide notes which helped me rehearse and present my talk.
Of course with my Treo I kept in touch with my Email and favorite news/mobile websites via GPRS/Edge technology. I could even IM with my family and friends using Mundu IM.
You could even be entertatined listening to MP3s, playing PDA games while waiting at the airport. I even used it in-flight (with the phone switched off, and not during landing/take off of course)
Battery life was superb and managing to go down to about 45-50% battery remaining with very very heavy use thruout the day.
Did I miss the notebook? No...........................

Monday, May 01, 2006

Detroit Receiving Hospital Emergency Medicine Handbook, 5th Ed.

New title from Skyscape: Detroit Receiving Hospital Emergency Medicine Handbook, 5th Ed.

Written by a team of experts from a renowned emergency department and Level 1 Trauma Center, the Detroit Receiving Hospital, this reference provides the clinical information most frequently used in emergency care.

Key Features
  • Easy access to critical information
  • Covers:
    • Critical care
    • Trauma
    • Cardiology
    • Toxicology
  • Primary care issues, such as hypertension, gastroenteritis, and pharyngitis
  • Authoritative drug-dosing and disease treatment tables
  • Treatment regimens for scores of common diseases
  • TIMI Risk Score, Nexus Low-Risk Criteria, and CT Grading of Solid Organ Injuries
  • ACLS and PALS algorithms
  • New interactive flowcharts: Now, complex algorithms and protocols are transformed from static images into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. See how this innovative feature can quickly and easily walk you through even the most intricate decision models.

Dr. O, that's why you need a PDA....

Just back from a three day scientific meeting. Had a chance to meet up with Dr. O. from Arkansas and in his talk on myeloma, he mentioned the difficulties of dealing with complicated diagnostic criteria and how problematic it was to have to keep looking them up.
Well later on I found out that he also has a Treo650 and obviously, Dr. O, you don't use it to it's maximum potential! This is indeed something I find quite in common with other doctors who use PDAs and smartphones. They treat them like little electronic diaries.
People, it's like using only 5% of your brain's potential!!
Anyway, as Dr. O had not heard of Haemoncrules, I offered to email him a copy - so it's been sent off to you, Dr. O. Hope you like it!