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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Medical #webapp discussion on Facebook

If you are interested in medical web app development do join the Medwebapp Facebook group. It's a group for both coders and users, to exchange ideas on what you'd like to see developed as a medical web app. The emphasis is on mobiles and the web apps should be able to run well on a mobile device.
I have been thinking of forming such a discussion group for some time now, but this tweet:
really prompted me to get going. As a platform, Windows phone 8 is somewhat reminiscent of webOS. As a challenger to the mighty two mobile OSes - Android and iOS - it lacks the necessary apps which medical professionals might need. Web apps can fill the need and the best part is when the web app is sufficiently mature, can be easily compiled into native apps for any platform (Android, iOS, Windows phone, BB etc).
The Medwebapp group is an open one so come on over and join us!