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Saturday, July 31, 2004


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5MPC 2nd or 3rd Edtion??

Handheldmed has just released 5 Minute Pediatric Consult 2nd Edition in the New software section of Palmgear.
I notice however that Skyscape has the 5-Minute Pediatric Consult, 3rd Edition.

So is Handheldmed releasing an outdated Edition? You have been informed...

DSM-IV: Text Revision 4th Edition

Handheldmed has released DSM-IV

The PDA version of the DSM-IV: Text Revision (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision) offers increased convenience in accessing the diagnostic criteria for the most common mental disorders. This includes a description, diagnosis, treatment and research findings.
This text encompasses associated features, culture, age, and gender features, prevalence, course, and familial pattern of mental disorders. The DSM-IV is an essential up-to-date tool to promote effective diagnosis, treatment, and quality of care.


Skyscape has released Vaccines 7.0.3 (btw, can you really add a ™ to the name Vaccine i.e. Vaccine™??? )which is the PDA version of The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Clinicians.

This convenient PDA reference offers practical, up-to-date guidelines on proper use of vaccines and helps clinicians answer the many questions asked by patients and parents. Users can quickly get detailed information on all vaccines currently recommended for infants and children, travelers, and individuals in special circumstances. Coverage of each vaccine includes the disease and its epidemiology, the vaccine’s efficacy and safety, and the practical questions most frequently asked. Clinicians will find answers to specific parental concerns and guidelines on problems such as allergies, breastfeeding, dosing intervals and missed vaccines, and immunocompromised individuals.

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

Handheldmed has released their version of Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 19th Edition

The new 19th edition of Taber’s has more of everything that you have come to expect from the most trusted and health sciences dictionary -- more definitions, more tables, and simplified language.
Taber’s defines more terms than any other health science dictionary. With approximately 56,000 terms in all, including more than 2,200 NEW terms, Taber’s 19th is the most comprehensive health science dictionary available today. Each term is carefully reviewed by a distinguished team of Health Professions and Nursing consultants to ensure that Taber’s keeps pace with the rapidly changing health care environment.

Skyscape also has the same dictionary at the same price (US$49.95) so we are spoilt for choice. I guess it boils down to which interface you prefer. Both have demo downloads so you can try before you buy.

Friday, July 30, 2004


Cryptic it may sound, but Skyscape has released PsychThrp which is actually the PDA version of the Manual of Psychiatric Therapeutics, Third Ed

The newly updated Third Edition of Dr. Shader’s popular Spiral(R) Manual is now available electronically for handheld computers. On the wards, in the office, on rounds, or at the bedside, clinicians can instantly access the most up-to-date, authoritative guidelines for diagnosing and treating the full range of psychiatric disorders. Content includes complete, current information on psychotropic drugs, pharmacotherapy for children, drug interactions, and nonpharmacologic therapies.
Users can quickly search a table of contents, a subject index, or a medication index and find exactly the information they need. The electronic text follows the same easy-to-scan outline format as the printed Spiral(R) Manual.

Bones Flash Cards

Medical Wizards has released Bones Flash Cards (Bryan Edwards) 1.0

Application Description:
This amazing product the Bones Flash Cards uses the time tested content and images from and displays over 295 images with substantial text content on the PDA. Bone Flash Cards are designed to guide users through the skeletal system. Each bone is illustrated in the body from head to toe, and every significant bony landmark is defined. This set of cards also includes a special chapter on joints and ligaments, and the innervation, movement, and arterial supply are denoted for each.

How I wish I had all these anatomy aids when I was a medical student. I still recall the gruelling viva session I had with that anatomy professor wielding an ulnar bone and expecting me to know what every tendon insertion point and the significance of every dent and ridge on the bone!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests

Hot on the heels of Skyscape's and ePocrates' new laboratory references comes Unbound Medicine's latest offering: Pocket Guide to Diagnostics Tests

Pocket Guide to Diagnostics Tests, 4/e for PDA provides quick, evidence-based information on the selection and interpretation of common diagnostic tests. Covering more than 350 laboratory, imaging, and microbiology tests, this handy reference is ideal for answering common questions such as:

* Which test is best to diagnose, screen, or follow a certain condition?
* How do I interpret an abnormal diagnostic test?
* How do I collect the appropriate specimen or prepare the patient for testing?
* Where can I find more information on this test in the medical literature?

Maine Rx 2004

Mainecare, Maine's Medicaid, publishes a preferred drug list (PDL)that is confusing, cumbersome and changes frequently. With Maine Rx you get the list in your Palm(tm) with free updates to the list for a year.
Save space in your device RAM by moving the drug list to your memory card (if you have one).
Maincare's Latest PDL, July 2004. Don't use outdated drug information. Get Maine Rx 2004 NOW. Freeware.

PIER teams with Clinical Pharmacology

News source

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 27, 2004--
Agreement provides physicians with access to clinically-relevant drug data, evidence-based guidance at the point-of-care

Gold Standard and the American College of Physicians (ACP) have teamed together to integrate and jointly market Clinical Pharmacology(C), the industry leading interactive drug information solution, and The Physicians' Information and Education Resource (PIER), ACP's Web- and PDA-based decision support tool for physicians. PIER, a leading point-of-care, evidence-based medical information and education resource, provides authoritative guidance to improve clinical care, covering such topics as diseases, screening and prevention, complementary and alternative medicine, ethical and legal issues, procedures, and medications.

"Teaming Clinical Pharmacology with PIER arms physicians with a powerful clinical decision support tool for evidence-based guidance at the point of care, where it is most needed," said Russ Thomas, CEO of Gold Standard. "The ability to instantly access this information during the decision-making process is key to empowering physicians during the patient encounter."

Under the agreement, Gold Standard will integrate PIER into its clinical information and decision support solutions, beginning with Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology OnHand, the Company's critically acclaimed real-time electronic drug information and medication management resources. Additionally, Gold Standard will distribute the handheld version of PIER to the 3,000 Florida Medicaid physicians utilizing the Company's wireless eMPOWERx(TM) integrated patient care system. ACP will also add Clinical Pharmacology to PIER to serve as the frontline drug resource for its physician members.

"This licensing agreement goes beyond the immediate integration of PIER into our existing products and Clinical Pharmacology into theirs; it opens the door to the development of additional new joint products in the future," said Marianne Messer, Gold Standard's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The PIER database also creates exciting new licensing opportunities for Gold Standard; for example to electronic medical record and health information systems, as well as hospitals, academia and managed care."

"PIER is one of the most robust clinical decision-making tools on the market today," said ACP Executive Vice President and CEO John Tooker, MD, MBA, FACP. "The integration of Clinical Pharmacology and PIER offers physicians an unparalleled clinical resource and access to a wide-range of relevant information to enhance patient care."

Clinical Pharmacology provides up-to-date, peer-reviewed, clinically-relevant analysis on all U.S. prescription drugs - including off-label uses and dosage - as well as herbal supplements, nutritional products and new and investigational drugs. In addition to custom licensing opportunities, it is available in a variety of delivery formats, including the Internet, for organizations' intranets, and Windows CD-ROM for PCs, laptops and networks. Clinical Pharmacology OnHand, Gold Standard's mobile drug information and medication management solution, is also available for Pocket PC and Palm operating platforms.

Leveraging wireless technology, Gold Standard's eMPOWERx application integrates Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs) and Clinical Pharmacology's drug information and interaction screening tools with real-time, patient-specific medication histories. It operates via a secure, wireless integrated Pocket PC/PCS phone to give participating healthcare providers point-of-care access to in-depth, patient-specific drug information and also provides electronic prescribing capabilities.

Available online, for Pocket PC and Palm operating platforms and via internet-connected wireless devices, PIER is a decision support tool designed for rapid point-of-care delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based clinical information and guidance for physicians. Through PIER, physicians can currently access more than 300 modules of evidence-based clinical guidance presented in a user-friendly "drill down" format. Each module features a series of guidance statements and practice recommendations, supported by more detailed levels of pertinent rationale and evidence.

About the American College of Physicians

The American College of Physicians ( is the largest medical specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States. ACP members include more than 116,000 internal medicine physicians (internists), related subspecialists, and medical students. Internists specialize in the prevention, detection and treatment of illness in adults.

About Gold Standard Multimedia

Tampa, Fla.-based Gold Standard is a leading developer of clinical drug information and software services. The Company's staff of highly trained healthcare professionals has extensive experience in clinical and retail pharmacy practice, electronic publishing and software development. Gold Standard's products are used by the majority of the country's largest retail pharmacy chains and consultant pharmacy organizations, over 700 hospitals, leading health information websites, in over 95 percent of U.S. pharmacy and medical schools, and by hundreds-of-thousands of healthcare professionals and consumers worldwide. Additional company information is available at

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New Skyscape apps

Skyscape has listed a couple of new apps on Palmgear

RxDrugs™ (AHFS Dosing Companion) 7.0.6:
RxDrugs is the one-of-a-kind handheld version of the extensively referenced, evidence-based dosing statements prepared by professional editorial staff and based on the AHFS Drug Information database, which is recognized through Federal legislation and regulation as an official compendium for information on medically accepted uses of drugs
LabTests™ 7.0.5:
aka (Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Seventh Ed.)
The best-selling clinical reference on laboratory and diagnostic tests is now available in PDA format, for quick, easy point-of-care access. This handheld reference covers the full range of current tests and studies and describes each test in detail, with step-by-step instructions on correct procedure and tips for accurate interpretation. Coverage of each test includes lists of abnormal findings and disease patterns and an explanation of key indicators both before and after the test is performed. Appendices include protocols for collecting saliva, breath, nail, and hair specimens and forensic evidentiary specimens.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Plucker 1.8

In my last post about RSS on your Palm I had not upgraded my Plucker yet - it is now version 1.8 and I am pleased to report that this version supports the Tungsten T3's 320x480 so that you can read more at a glance. This is a snapshot of one of the several Medical news feeds I read on my Palm. How many of you are Plucker users? I think its great not least because it's free but also because it supports Windows, Mac and Linux. There is no memory limitation unlike Avantgo and you have the flexibility of taking with you in your PDA websites as well as RSS feeds

Site update: Google sitesearch

I have added a Google-powered site search facility for you to search thru the entire archives of The Palmdoc Chronicles. Hope you like it and please email me (link at the left) if you have problems locating previous posts or any suggestions.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


PatientKeeper has recently been updated to version 3.32. The update is free to registered users. There is now a new website dedicated to PatientKeeper Personal

Update description:
Improved support for color · Font customization, including support for hi-res fonts · Ability to export and import reference data from all applications · Patient List Properties are now editable · Patient List Fields are now customizable · Patient List Popup Menu contents are now customizable · Print directly to text files on expansion cards · Check-boxes in the Patient List · Improved Patient List filtering · Inclusion of more user-customization data in beamed/archived patients (e.g., H-Pickers) · Integration with several reference data application vendors including ePocrates, Skyscape, and Lexi-Comp (we should hold this announcement until we do the PR) · Support for variable/non-standard size screens (including Palm Tungsten T3, Sony NX, UX, & NR series) · Better integration across applications (e.g., ability to create new Tasks from most applications)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Lancet Mobile Edition

The Lancet Mobile Edition is now available on your Palm or PPC PDA by subscription. The system works by using Roundpoint's mobile software solution - I gather it is very similar to Avantgo. PalmOS users require 48Kb free for the main program and 400Kb - 1.8MB additionally depending on the content. There is no mention of VFS or SD card support. PPC users require 1MB free memory (!) for Roundpoint software, plus additional space for content. Roundpoint Pocket PC content files generally range from 400KB - 5MB depending on the content.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Handbase 3.0k

I have been a happy Handbase user for a long time now and am pleased to report that DDHSoftware have finally updated it to support the T3's 320x480 screen in both portrait and landscape mode. They have also added OS5 High Density Support.
The standard version comes with a free Desktop companion and the good news is that there is both a Windows and Macintosh version available. If you visit DDHSoftware's gallery, you'll see lots of Medical Handbase applets that you can download. I personally like to keep my databases like Chemotherapy protocols in Handbase.

ePocrates Introduces 'Essentials' Mobile Clinical Reference Suite

Press release

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ePocrates today introduced the ePocrates® Essentials integrated suite of industry-leading clinical reference applications, featuring the brand new ePocrates Lab(TM) reference and the latest versions of the ePocrates Rx Pro(TM) and ePocrates Dx(TM) references. The ePocrates Essentials system includes all of the key decision support applications -- drugs, diseases, and diagnostics -- required for today's health care professional, all seamlessly integrated at the point-of-care.

"The ePocrates Essentials suite does for the clinician what Microsoft Office did for the office worker -- providing the applications needed most in an integrated suite," said Kirk Loevner, ePocrates CEO. "All of the ePocrates applications are authored from the ground up, specifically designed for mobile devices."

Already, over 350,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals, including over 20 percent of U.S. physicians, subscribe to ePocrates applications. The applications provide unparalleled ease-of-use and up-to-date, trusted content which improves patient care and safety, and results in greater efficiency. Now delivery of care will be further enhanced through the ePocrates Lab diagnostic reference with information on hundreds of tests, including collection, interpretation and next steps. From the lab information, caregivers can easily tap on the ePocrates Dx tab to learn about diseases that may cause abnormal results or turn to the ePocrates Rx monographs to learn more about the drugs that might cause an abnormal result.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use lab reference is indispensable for today's health care professional for several reasons.

-- Each physician in the United States orders an estimated 40 lab
tests every day, and new technologies and diagnostic tools are
introduced at a fast pace, leaving medical professionals in need of
support at the point-of-care to understand new, unfamiliar tests.
-- According to the College of American Pathologists, laboratory
services drive 80 percent of clinical decisions from diagnosis
through therapy and prognosis.
-- Nineteen percent of medical errors in a family practice office are
related to lab results according to a recent study from the Robert
Graham Policy Center.

"In today's fast-paced, complex medical environment, clinicians need diagnostic information at their fingertips. The ePocrates Lab reference was specifically developed by practicing physicians to help PDA users interpret test results," said Robert A. Baldor, MD, FAAFP, Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Senior Managing Editor for the development of the ePocrates Lab reference. "A test description, with references for cost, CPT billing codes, normal values and collection guidelines gives a quick overview. Abnormal results are explained and suggestions for the 'next steps' to take in clarifying the diagnosis are only a click away! In addition to practicing clinicians this will be an invaluable reference for nurses, medical students and residents."

Those who enjoyed a preview during beta-testing are already emphasizing the benefits of adding ePocrates Lab to their handheld arsenal.

"I especially like the hot links between the modules... Overall, it's probably the most useful, best integrated set of clinical information modules that I've used thus far. It has become the most used medical app on my PDA," said Sam Wang, MD, faculty member and Associate Program Director for the community hospital based Memorial Family Practice Residency Program in Houston, Texas.

Essentials Suite Product Specifications

The ePocrates Rx Pro drug reference includes over 3,000 monographs including adult and pediatric dosing, contraindications and cautions and adverse reactions; an alternative medicine guide covering over 400 herbals; the MultiCheck® function capable of checking up to 30 drugs simultaneously for interactions; health plan formulary coverage and retail prices; the ePocrates ID® infectious disease treatment guide; and built-in dosing and medical math calculators.

The ePocrates Dx comprehensive medical diagnostic and therapeutic reference is based on respected content from the editor of 5-Minute Clinical Consult and features over 1,200 conditions and diagnoses described in extensive detail, quick treatment reminders, signs and symptoms, differential diagnoses, medications, and more.

The ePocrates Lab reference covers hundreds of diagnostic tests and panels including information on collection, preparation and cautions; pricing and Medicare reimbursement; and interpretation (disease, drug and spurious causes) and follow-up guidelines.

The ePocrates Essentials suite is available for download from as either an annual or two-year, low cost subscription compatible with handheld devices using the Palm OS and synchronizing to a Windows PC. ePocrates Essentials for Pocket-PC devices will be available this fall.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Ultimate Anesthesia Quick Reference

The Ultimate Anesthesia Quick Reference by McClure K. Jones, M.D has been updated and available for free download from Memoware.

Contains lists, charts, checklists, guidelines, etc.
- Respiratory Events and Treatments.
- Cardiovascular Events and Treatments.
- Metabolic, Electrolyte, and Hematologic Events and Treatments.
- Neurologic Events and Treatments.
- Subspecialty Anesthesia Reference: cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, obstetrics, pediatrics, regional, pain, coagulation, medications.

Physicians dictate wirelessly from their PDAs

Mobilehealthdata has this interesting piece of news

The IQSpeak software, from Charlotte, N.C.-based IQMAX, resides on a PC card that can be plugged into select PDAs running the Palm OS or Windows Mobile operating systems. The software is synchronized with the group practice's scheduling system over a Wi-Fi network. The integration enables physicians to automatically place patient demographic information into their dictation. Clinicians also can enter additional information into the report, such as how quickly they need their dictation transcribed and which transcription service they want to use.
Physicians wirelessly transmit the dictation from their PDAs to a personal computer at the practice. The dictation then is encrypted and sent over the Internet to IQMAX. The vendor routes the report to the transcription service. After the service completes the transcription, it sends the document back to IQMAX, which then sends it to Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates' practice management system.

I am still in search of the perfect dictation system. I mentioned using Audacity, a dictation software for the Tungsten PDAs. But if you have wireless in your place of work, the Iqmax application sounds even more high tech. How useful is it though? I suppose this method will save you from carrying an extra gadget like a digital voice recorder but even with Audacity DVR, you can just transfer the file over to the PC easily and transmit the audio file yourself to the transcription service. So basically it just saves you from walking over to the PC and sending it manually.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Alternative and Complimentary Medicine

Pacific Primary Care has added Alternative and Complimentary Medicine 2005 to its lists of great titles for iSilo

Application Description:
Nutrition, Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.
Topics include: Includes a detailed review of complementary and alternative therapies, including common herbal remedies, dietary supplements. Informs you on which ones work and which ones are dangerous herbs. Stress reduction techniques included.
Features illustrations, references, hyperlinks and 1 year of free upgrades.
Edited by a multiple physicians with >70 yrs of clinical experience. FREE 50K demo.
New in 2004: Nutrition, vitamine deficiency, essential nutrients, vitamins, signs of deficiencies, vitamin toxicity and healthy & special diets.

OB Suite

Timothy Allen has updated his freeware OB Suite to v7.0.

Application Description:
OB Suite includes a standard OB wheel, also calculates dates from US data, allows the practitioner to calculate when a patient will reach a certain geatational age, tracks OB patients, tracks inpatients, tracks procedures, and calculates Bishop score.
Updated Description:
7/20/2004 OB Suite now include IVF Wheel which calcultes gestational age based on beta-HCG injection and IVF with day 3 or 5 transfer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

New medical Palmsource guides

Palmsource has launched new guides including several in the medical field.
Apart from the Medicine and Medical Student guides, the new ones are:
Anesthesiology by Donald M. Voltz
Dentistry by Elise S. Eisenberg
Psychology and Psychotherapy by Aaron Lynn Lautzenhiser

I think Hematology-Oncology should be represented too and hightime Palmsource consider an Expert Guide in this area since many Hematologists and Oncologists I know rely heavily on Palm PDAs in their daily work.....

Monday, July 19, 2004

ePocrates FAQ

ePocrates, the first drug reference for the PAlm PDA, IMO is still the best (and still free for the basic version) drug information resource for the Palm.
You might be interested in the ePocrates top 10 FAQs:

1. Do you sell my email address to other companies?
Absolutely not - ePocrates is committed to protecting your privacy; we do not share or sell your contact information (email address, mailing address, etc.) to drug companies, managed care organizations or any third party companies; we do not use "spy-ware" to track your use of non-ePocrates applications on your PDA (calendar, emails, memos, etc.); and we do not share your use of ePocrates applications with drug companies. View our full privacy policy.

2. Do you still have a free product?
Yes - we recently launched a new and improved version of ePocrates Rx®, our free drug and formulary reference for Palm OS synchronizing with Windows computers.

ePocrates Rx 6.51 highlights:
o Continual updates
o More than 3,400 brand and generic drug monographs
o Drug interaction cross-checker
o Health plan formularies
o FREE - take a tour or download now.

3. Where do you get your content from?
Our in-house editorial team of practicing physicians and pharmacists create the majority of our clinical content, deriving information from authoritative sources, and then editing it for easy access on a mobile device or computer. We also license content from highly respected partners such as Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult. Learn More.

4. When will you develop more products for Pocket PC OS/MAC users?

We are currently developing several new products, including references for those of you who use Pocket PC (Windows) OS PDAs, or synchronize with a MAC computer. Our hard-working engineers appreciate your patience!

5. How does ePocrates Dx differ from other versions of the 5-MCC?
Unlike the printed version or other mobile versions of Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult, ePocrates Dx is continually updated and expanded by the editorial teams at Griffith's and ePocrates, which means that you'll receive new information when you AutoUpdate. What's more, ePocrates Dx is designed with our user-friendly interface and contains thousands of direct links into ePocrates Rx® / ePocrates Rx Pro™. Take a tour of ePocrates Dx.

6. How can I re-download or upgrade products?
For instructions on how to get the latest version of our free product and/or any premium product(s) to which you subscribe, visit our support portal.

7. How often do you update your content?
We update our content at least weekly, more often if need be. We also broadcast DocAlert® messages frequently. We recommend our handheld subscribers AutoUpdate (synchronize while connected to the Internet) at least once a week to stay current. ePocrates Rx Online™ content is updated automatically.

8. How can I update my profile?
Update your profile to opt in/out of ePocrates services/communications, update your email address, change your password, and more. Learn more.

9. How can I share information about ePocrates with my colleagues?
The ePocrates Advocate Program is a free, no-obligation program for customers who would like to spread the word about ePocrates. ePocrates advocates have access to presentation materials, are the first to know about new product releases, and have opportunities to participate in focus groups, product testing and more. To join the advocate program, please email us at: More information about the program is available on our website.

10. Do students/residents/groups qualify for a discount?
Yes - we work with liaisons at schools, colleges and residencies to enable students and residents to save 50% on any ePocrates purchase when they use a discount code. Email us at: to learn more.
We also offer discounts on group purchases of our premium software. If you are considering a bulk license or site license purchase, contact our representative at:

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hormonal Forecaster

Hormonal Forecaster is available for free as a download from

The Hormonal Forecaster charts ovulation and fertility to help achieve or avoid conception and pregnancy.
The program uses advanced Natural Family Planning techniques with basal body temperatures and cervical mucus observations to generate fertility graphs and ovulation charts.
Calendar method techniques are also included for those looking for a more simple estimate.
This ovulation calendar also includes personal notes, behavioral analysis, and desktop version synchronization features.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Tarascon review

Leo of has done a nice review of Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia Deluxe. Great work Leo!

PDAs Used to Collect Dialysis Data

Mobile Health Data reports:

Caregivers at San Diego-based Fresenius Medical Care Extracorporeal Alliance are using PDAs to collect and transmit dialysis data. The provider organization, a division of Fresenius Medical Care North America, offers dialysis and other clinical services in hospitals across the United States.

In 1998, the company enlisted the services of Interactive Business Systems Inc., an Oak Brook, Ill.-based consulting firm, to automate dialysis data collection and transmission. Prior to the agreement, caregivers at Fresenius had been collecting dialysis services data on paper. When it came time for the company to produce quarterly service reports for its hospital constituents, employees had to search through mounds of paper to find enough information to report Continuous Quality Improvement data to the client, says Mary Jo Davis, director of acute business development for the company's dialysis services division.

"For our 40 dialysis programs, it used to take us two to three days to find data and get it into a spreadsheet," she says. "It was a manual process, so we'd only end up providing our hospitals with about 15% of their actual data."

The consulting firm designed a PDA-based application for Fresenius that enabled caregivers to collect dialysis information at a patient's bedside, then synch the data to the company's database server over a phone line at their homes. Caregivers are using various models of PDAs from palmOne, Milpitas, Calif., for the initiative.

Caregivers also can enter detailed information into the application, such as the specific hospital they worked at and the number of hours they were there. Having this information in the integrated database has made it easier for the company to find hospital-specific data that it needs for quarterly reports. It also helps the company more easily find the information it needs to produce more accurate and timely payroll for its caregivers, Davis says.

"All of our caregivers are mobile, so it seemed like enabling them to use PDAs would be most optimal," she adds. "Now we can easily find the information we need to give our hospitals 100% of their CQI data. We also can extract data that we can use to help renegotiate our services. We now can get down to the detail of what's going on at each hospital by using PDAs for data reporting."

Friday, July 16, 2004

Geriatrics on your Palm

Ectopic brain has this useful link to a new application for your PDA called Geriatrics on your fingertips.
Online access is free but requires registration. Once you register, you can also download the PDA app and a registration code is also given to you.

I think the interface is very nice and I find it very easy to navigate as everything is linked nicely. The application is packed with information and I think very useful even if you are not a geriatrician.I do deal with the elderly in my line of work so this looks like a keeper.
Some screenshots:

5/5 star rating. Thanks once again to Ectopic Brain for the headsup.

More titles from Pacific Primary Care

More 2005 releases in 2004 :

ICU, Electrolytes & Nutrition 2005
Clinical Endocrionlogy 2005
Trauma and Toxicology 2005 v1

New Palm/Biomedical Science Site

David Gurney wrote to let us know that there is a new discussion site for Biomedical Scientists - there is a Mobile/Handheld section in the forums.
The forum is located here:

I checked out the forums and it has a nice design, including an Explorer style navigation column on the left. There aren't many postings yet since the forum is new but David has posted some interesting PDA links in the Handheld section, including the PDA-friendly PubMed Site (

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Clinical Medicine Consult 2005

I suppose this is an early release :)
But Pacific Primary Care has come up with Clinical Medicine Consult 2005 v1:

Application Description:

Indexed and enhanced with hyperlinks to over 12,000 terms, medicines and conditions for fast navigation. Contains over 2,450 clinical (medical-surgical) topics for rapid reference along with specific drug doses and essential treatment pearls.
This is a complete medical textbook that is rapidly accessible via cross references and packed with clinically relevant information.
This text includes all the current Clinical Medical Series titles:
Clinical Endocrinology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Nephrology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, ENT, Psychiatry, Urology, Infectious Disease, Women's Health, Hematology/ Oncology, Geriatrics-Death & Dying, Rheumatology, Pulmonology, Allergy, Pediatrics, Critical Care, Trauma & Tox, Ethics-Alternative Medicine-Evidence Based Medicine-Communication, Cardiology, Wound Care, Travel Medicine, Procedures and Ophthalmology. **>200 line drawing illustrations.

It's humongous - 8.1 MB.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Interactive Preventive Services Selector

Ectopic Brain mentions that the AHRQ has just released a free Interactive Preventive Services Selector. It looks like a cool tool desgined for "clinical preventive services for screening, counseling, and preventive medication based on the patient's age, sex, and pregnancy status". Sad thing is that it is only compatible on the Palm devices that use Palm™ OS 3.5 and OS 4.x. It will not run on devices that use OS 5.x (e.g. palmOne's Tungsten, Treo) and OS 6.x (i.e. Cobalt). Sigh, if indeed this is a new app (I could not check since the AHRQ website is down at the moment) then it's a pity they could not make the application OS5 compatible.

Unbound Medicine Launches Unbound Surgery

Press release:

Charlottesville, VA, July 13, 2004 -- Unbound Medicine, a leading provider of knowledge management solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today the launch of Unbound Surgery, a pioneering digital resource that combines evidence-based clinical content with leading-edge technology.

Unbound Surgery -- the first all-digital resource of its kind -- offers focused yet detailed answers to surgical questions encountered in clinical practice. Available for Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld devices and tightly integrated with a multimedia Web version, Unbound Surgery helps practitioners and trainees resolve surgical dilemmas wherever they arise.

Duke University Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery Theodore Pappas, MD leads the Unbound Surgery editorial team of more than 100 experts from top surgery departments across the United States. The result is a regularly updated resource comprised of nearly 400 topics with more than 790 videos, graphics, and supporting tables.

“Clinicians today have little time to answer pressing questions,” says William Detmer, MD, CEO of Unbound Medicine. “Now with Unbound Surgery, the latest evidence-based answers are just a click away."

In addition to outstanding surgery content and handheld-Web delivery, Unbound Surgery includes a powerful literature management service. Users can track their favorite journals both on the handheld and Web and manage MEDLINE searches and saved articles in a personal Web archive.

“Unbound Surgery represents a new approach to managing surgical information through the application of state-of-the-art information technology," says Robert W. Anderson, MD, the David C. Sabiston, Jr. Professor and Former Chairman of Surgery at Duke University Medical Center. "I believe it sets a new standard."

Unbound Surgery is available for individual purchase at Discounts for residency programs, departments, and schools are available by contacting

About Unbound Medicine
Unbound Medicine, Inc. ( develops next-generation knowledge management systems for healthcare. The company's content, information architectures, and handheld-Web technologies help healthcare professionals acquire, manage, and share knowledge.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Skyscape's A2Z drug reference has been updated to Version: 7.3.0 Release Date: 7/6/2004

A2zDrugs™ is the handheld version of A To Z Drug Facts, the easy-to-use drug guide with the latest FDA approvals, indications, dosages, side effects, and patient care considerations. A2zDrugs™ allows the practitioner to refer to accurate information about pharmacological issues at point of care and contains information on over 700 generic and 2,800 trade name drugs. Skyscape indexes the information so that the practitioner can access information about indications, action, contradiction, adverse reactions, dosage, and pregnancy warnings in an efficient and professional manner. Be confident with the drugs you prescribe when using A2zDrugs™!

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Press release

Cardiovascular specialists at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, at the Swiss Cardiovascular Center Bern and at the Zurich University Hospital, Switzerland, today announced the release of CVMstat(R) - A Comprehensive Handheld-Based Approach to CardioVascular Medicine, edited by Marco Roffi, M.D., Bernhard Meier, M.D. and Eric J. Topol, M.D.. Authored by an international team of over 100 leading physicians, CVMstat(R) is the first medical reference designed exclusively for electronic access on handheld devices. This reference is published electronically by Handheldmed, Inc., a leading distributor of medical reference content for handheld computers and personal digital assistants. Coupled with new Handheldmed technology, CVMstat(R) will allow health care providers access to state-of-the-art cardiovascular information at the bedside by providing handheld-based access to authoritative monographs covering the whole spectrum of cardiovascular disease.

"CVMstat(R) represents a new standard in cardiovascular reference material," according to Dr. Eric J. Topol, Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the top ranking US institution in cardiovascular disease over the last several years according to US News and World Report. "This project is unique not only for it its scope and breadth," added the worldwide leading cardiologist "but in the fact that it will be the most accessible reference ever created. Thousands of physicians will now enjoy access to this authoritative resource wherever they are, whenever they need it. All they need is a handheld computer or PDA."

The Leading Cause of Death

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide. Annually, in the United States 960,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease and 58 million Americans live with some form of the disease. More resources are devoted to the care and treatment of cardiovascular disease than for all other conditions combined. Intense basic and clinical cardiovascular research results in an enormous amount of data that must be assimilated by practitioners in the field. CVMstat(R) represents an important new tool in the armamentarium of physicians who treat patients with cardiovascular conditions.

Unique Design

"This project could not have proceeded without the vision, and unwavering commitment of Marco Roffi, M.D., who was instrumental in this projects conception and execution," explained Bernhard Meier, M.D., Chairman of Cardiology at the Swiss Cardiovascular Center Bern, Switzerland. "The international faculty is unlike any ever assembled, and ensures that the work represents the finest ideas, protocols and treatments from across the world," continued Dr. Meier. Dr. Roffi elaborated, "As a fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, I was constantly struggling to sift through, and identify the most important information to ensure my patients were receiving the best possible care. CVMstat(R) now aggregates that data in one mobile resource that has the potential to impact the care of cardiovascular patients everywhere. What makes CVMstat(R) unique in the market is that it was specifically designed for handheld computers and it is not a book "reformatted" for a PDA."

Comprehensive, Yet Always Accessible

CVMstat(R) - A Comprehensive Handheld-Based Approach to CardioVascular Medicine - provides leading edge information on all aspects of cardiovascular medicine, including peripheral arterial disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease in women. Bullet-type format, and over 7000 hyperlinks allow users to quickly find desired information. A comprehensive electronic index ensures instant access to any topic. Cardiovascular drugs are reviewed in detail including indications, contraindications, and dosage. Over 350 of the most important clinical trials in cardiology and vascular medicine are succinctly summarized. Moreover, the editorial staff will continue to monitor the literature for clinically relevant data, and as new therapies become available, this information will be dynamically updated to user's handheld devices.

About Handheldmed, Inc.

Handheldmed, Inc. provides handheld-based solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of healthcare providers. The proprietary Handheldmed Reader makes viewing content on a Palm OS or Pocket PC device easier than ever. New features allow health care providers to find information in a fraction of the time that it would take with paper based references, or with less powerful electronic technologies. Quick-Nav links, extra-chapter links, bookmarks, user annotations and incorporation of new high-resolution image and table support distinguish this technology from less capable products in the market. In addition to its leading reference library, the Company markets and distributes Patient Tracker(TM), an end-to-end electronic patient charting solution. The Company's website, is a leading destination for medical professionals interested in utilizing handheld computer technology in clinical settings. Handheldmed is a privately held company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bayfront goes wireless

Bayfront Health System clinicians in Florida will now be able to access their clinical data from their handhelds.

Bayfront Health System clinicians will be able to use the mobile software to access clinical information throughout the delivery system via PDAs running the Palm OS or Windows Mobile operating systems. They also will be able to use a smart phone or other Wi-Fi enabled mobile hardware to access clinical data while away from the hospital.
The delivery system will deploy the software on its Wi-Fi network to help improve physician workflow and efficiency, organization executives say. For more information, go to

Source: MobileHealthData

Acupuncture on the Palm

Qpalm - Acupuncture 1.0 claims to be the first Acupuncture software for PalmOS and I believe they are. There was one for Acupressure which I mentioned a couple of years back but the link to the software has changed.

Qpalm is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of Acupoints for students as well as practitioners.
-> Qi flows in 20 primary channels are illustrated.
-> 361 points of 14 channels & 40 extrapoints are presented in full-color anatomical illustrations
-> Nerves, arteries, bones, muscles, and tendons of each acupoint are devided into different colors for easy and clear visualization.
-> All acupoints include important relevant information, such as where to find it, what it does, when to use it, how to needle it, and special attributes.
-> Search and edit functions

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Shots 2004 updated

This great freebie by Ectopic Brain featuring current vaccine recommendations has been updated
Download here

ePocrates Lab: coming soon to your handheld

Well, looks like ePocrates is really expanding beyond pharamaco info to clinical info (5mcc) and now we can eageerly anticipate lab info with ePocrates Lab
Thanks to Ectopic brain for the headsup.

The most clinically useful mobile guide to diagnostics
Continually updated information on collection, interpretation and follow-up for hundreds of tests.
* Hundreds of diagnostic tests and panels
* Interpretation (disease, drug and spurious causes)
* Thousands of links into ePocrates Rx/ePocrates Dx
* Pricing and Medicare reimbursement
* Collection, preparation and cautions

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Screenshot: Lecturemate in action

You can use LectureMate to take notes during talks. Suitable for medical students of all ages! Posted by Hello

Professional Medical Icons 2.0

The have updated their Professional Medical Icons 2.0 . Now comes with over 80 icons for Medical Professionals for use with third party Datebook Icon sets (e.g. Agendus, DatebookV).

Monday, July 05, 2004

MedCalc 5.1

Mathias Tschopp has updated his excellent medical freeware calculator: MedCalc 5.1

MedCalc is the most full-featured medical calculator for Palm OS (79 formulas and scores, localized for french and english).
What's new:
5.1 (07/04/04):
- Revised infusion manager
- Revised Child-Pugh and Ranson scores (detailed score)
- New "save state when application quits" option in preferences
- The usual bug fixes

Sunday, July 04, 2004


IPDA-II (Initial Psychological Disorder Analysis) 2.0.1 has been updated. Freeware ( well not all, 2 FREE Axis-I evaluations. Purchase additional evaluations (up to 32))

Accurately determine a clients course of action with this easy to use, flexible software for all Palm OS PDAs. IPDA-II is a versatile instrument for evaluating individuals suspected of having a psychological disorder. It enables mental health professionals to rapidly & easily determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II disorders via answering simple guided "Yes"/"No" questions leading to a result. IPDA-II saves and displays client's histories, initial diagnosis, demographics, medications & progress notes all at your finger tips.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

ACLS 2004

Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2000 v2.4 is now available for free from

It is a quick reference for all busy physicians in the latest International Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care.
The International Resuscitation Guidelines 2000 is a consensus on science among organizations of different countries including the American Heart Association, European Resuscitation Council, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Australian Resuscitation Council, New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Resuscitation Council of South Africa, the Latin American Resuscitation Council and from Japan

RxAllergies™ 7.0.5

RxAllergies™ 7.0.5 is a new title from Skyscape

This handy PDA reference is a quick guide to drug allergies and drug reactions for anyone prescribing medications. Users can easily look up either the organ system being treated or the specific class of drug being prescribed, and immediately get reliable information on possible drug reactions and allergies. Content includes vaccines and herbal and natural therapy, as well as guidelines on referrals and documentation/reporting. Also included are descriptions of the types of drug reactions, to help physicians better know what to look for.

Clinical Cardiology 2004

Pacific Primary Care has released Clinical Cardiology 2004 v2

Topics include: Management of CHF, acute MI, cardiac testing, palpitations, pericarditis, arrhythmias, murmurs, ECG reading, ACLS (all the latest protocols and pearls), athletes, valvular disease, endocarditis, syncope, peri-operative management .
Features:Tons of detailed work-ups, treatments, Ddx, pearls, illustrations, references....Everything you ever needed to know about cardiology in an easy to read and navigate format. Edited by multiple cardiologists.
The perfect text for internists, family physicians, urgent care, residents, students, mid-level providers or those just interested on reading further on a personal subject.